Tuesday, November 22, 2016

More Than

Birthdays are special.
They are a day on which we celebrate one person.
A day on which we attempt to make that person feel more than.
More than ordinary.
We want them to feel cherished and loved.
When that person has passed away, the day is no less important, but it becomes a day on which we honor that person by remembering.
Remembering the way that person made US feel.
If we are lucky, we remember the love.
The feeling of being cherished.
The way we were made to feel more than.
Today, we would have celebrated my father in law's 90th birthday.
At least I think that is that is the number if my math is correct.
There's a good chance it's not.
Regardless, we would have come together as a family celebrated this man who loved each of us unconditionally.
  And certainly made me feel more than.
 Happy Birthday!
We sure do miss you!

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