Monday, November 28, 2016

It's Back to Reality

     The month of November will go down in the NutHouse history books as being lightning fast, but also filled with experiences to last a lifetime. 
It included a trip across a continent and an ocean. 
It included spending time with LPP.
 It included visiting memories of old and making new ones.
 It included Thanksgiving spent with special people. 
And laundry. 
Lots of laundry.
School vacation is over today and reality has again arrived.
Today, I plan on cranking the Christmas music up as loud as I can manage and decking the halls.
This group is one of my favorites and am anxious to hear more of their new Christmas album.

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Michelle said...

Yes, it is back to reality here, as well. I need to get to decorating and working on some Christmas cards.