Saturday, November 5, 2016

After the Harvest

This year, after the walnut harvest, we had the orchard pruned. 
 This is done every 2 or 3 years typically and helps keep the orchard healthy.  
Cutting out dead wood will discourage bugs from infesting the tree.. 
It is a critical part to managing trees. 
In orchards and forests.
 It also is the time to cut low hanging branches out.
 The ones that attempt to decapitate husbands and sons as they work during the season.
We moved quickly this year. 
 Harvest was at the beginning of the week and these slow moving machines came in on Saturday.
Note my ballot in the window sill waiting to be hand delivered.
There were two pruners who worked their way up and down each row of trees. 
They worked methodically and efficiently. 
 Their wives came a bit later and stacked the branches and raked the leaves into rows.

Hubby, SPF and I walked the orchard gleaning any nuts that were still on the ground.  
I shelled them all and am set for the year in the freezer.
Several days later a shredder arrived.
This monster machine was pulled by a tractor that drives over the row of branches.
It chews up and spits out the shredded remains.
We were very pleased with the outcome.  
The crew even had a guy following behind to pick up anything the shredder missed.


As soon as the shredding was completed, Hubby began the final irrigation of the season.  
While we got a bit of rain between the pruning and shredding, it was not enough to sustain the trees through their winter dormancy.
After this drink of water, they will drop their leaves and sleep until the spring.
And we can stop stressing until then.

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