Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Labor of Love

LPP adores my great Aunt Nell's Apple Butter. 
Actually, anyone who has ever tasted it, loves Aunt Nell's Apple Butter. 
It is heaven in a jar.
Apples, cinnamon, allspice and cloves just taste like autumn.
Since LPP will be spending Thanksgiving in Northern Ireland this year, I wanted to send her something from home to share with her friends.  
Apple Butter seemed to be a good choice.
Apples from home and a recipe from her childhood.
Because I am a I have shared on many occasions...pears...steps...using Mom's food mill and my Grandma's roasting pan makes this a true labor of love.
That and the fact that it takes 6 hours to cook, plus the canning process.

Just look at the lusciosness that occurs in those hours.

And once the pinging of the jars is complete the labor part of this task is complete.
The biggest love part of the task was being able to hand the jar as a surprise to my girl...

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