Wednesday, October 5, 2016

When the Tap is Dry

Living in a country where running water is expected is fortunate.
I am fortunate.
The feeling that accompanies turning on a tap from which nothing flows is unique.
  Experiencing it when you live on well water is disheartening.
Experiencing it when you have lost two wells and and have only been able to dig one new one...staggering.
For me it is light-headedness, nauseousness, an instant headache and worry.
That is what I felt last week at 4:00am when I got up and nothing flowed.
It was too early to wake my Hubby since another couple hours wouldn't hurt anything further.
So I worried.
And fretted.
At 5:00am, when I went for my walk, I taped a note to his clock.
I knew it wouldn't be the ideal way to wake up, but figured it would be better than stepping into the shower and making the discovery.
A short time later, I watched his truck make its way to the tank.  
By the time I got there, he was filling it up.  
The pump was working...but nearly 2,500 gallons of water had drained somewhere. 
A leak?
That isn't a happy thought either.
As I continued my walk, I conversed with God.  
For 3 more miles.
As I made my way to the house in the pre-dawn light, I looked up.
Now we have lived here for more than 10 years and I never remembered seeing this before.
I knew God was listening.
It helped.
As I came in the house, I went over the water usage that I had consumed the previous day out loud with my Hubby.
Two loads of laundry, a shower each for SPF and myself and a load of dishes.
That's it.
He looked up at me and smiled.
I said, "Oh No! Did we leave something on?"
Not a word.
Just a smile.
Then it hit me!
The herb bed!
I drained the entire water tank into a watering trough filled with herbs.
The payback is going to be that as it overflowed, it provided life giving water to the weeds surrounding the tough.
Yay Me!!!!!

(On a side note... I took the picture the power poles the following morning. 
In the early light, the wires and the insulators are not visible. 
God shows us what we need to see.
 Powerful stuff)

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