Monday, October 31, 2016

Costumes of Yesteryear

This year's Halloween costume consisted of spending $0.00.
SPF decided last year that going trick or treating with her Mom was not as much fun as with her sister, so she is abstaining  this year opting to pass out candy at her grandparents' instead.
There have been some cute costumes in her life though.
I loved when she was a cow and her sister the cowgirl.
The lion was Chris'  that I made.
I think the pirate was not a happy pirate.
The little  one still had a smile while squinting into the sun wearing her sister's ballerina costume.
The scarecrow...not so much.
I loved this little Indian.
Wilma was a last minute purchase from the rack the night before Halloween when she planned on dressing up at school.
Next last minute decision was to NOT wear it to school.
Turns out her band teacher dressed up as Fred.
I thought it would have been hilarious.
Her...not so much.

Cleopatra has made several appearance in our household over the years.
Jane Eyre and a Hippy.
Our very own pioneer girl.
And a very grown up masquerade ball gal.
What are your favorite costumes that your kidnicks have worn?

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