Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Look Back

We celebrated Chris' birthday last weekend with a steak dinner and his blueberry cobbler.  
Here's a look back over the years...
I have a feeling most of these will be about our baby boy.

October 6, 2015
Twenty one is such a milestone age. 
An adult in every sense of the world and with that all of the responsibilities that accompany it. 
Not always what its cracked up to be, but pretty good nonetheless.

October 6, 2014
This photo seems like yesterday. 
I knew nothing.
Becoming a parent for the first time is wonderful and terrifying at the same time.

October 7, 2013
This was fun to send him when he was away at school.

Oct 5, 2012
That kind heart. 
Still there.
Just bigger.

October 4, 2011
There have been some birthday parties for the kids that I am really proud of. 
This was one of them.

October 5, 2010
This photo is one of my favorites, although it was taken the summer before his birthday.
One of my favorite days.

Happy Thursday!
And Happy Birthday, Chris.
We love you!

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Chris!