Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Good Meeting

I conducted the first 4-H Cooking Project meeting this week and I must say had a great time.  
I am a bit apprehensive before each meeting because I want the kids to learn AND have fun.
And I tend to fret over those things.  
This year, there were also several kidnicks that I did not know as well.  
I have three returning ones, a couple who have been with me for several years now and are among my favorites.
I try and think of things that those boys haven't done before as well as things that are age appropriate for all.  Can be challenging with ages from 10-16, but this one was good.
 Homemade corn bread and fresh butter.
May I just say that none of them knew what butter was made of?
I mean they knew it was from milk and cows... but not the cream from the milk.
So they had a lesson in how the cream was separated from the milk then beaten.  
I showed them the point that they would add sugar for whipped cream.
 I also shared the fact that if you are making whipped cream and have too many irons in the fire and walk away, you will end up with butter.
Not that I have ever done that or anything.
It was fun to watch them watch the white cream turn to yellow butter and learn how to use the buttermilk.
And that buttermilk is what the liquid is.
 I let them add a bit of honey to their fresh butter if they wanted.
Honey butter on hot corn bread.
Oh my!
Even the boy that stated he didn't like cornbread ate two slices.
It was devoured before I remembered to take photos.
This is all that remained and that makes me happy too.
 As they were eating, I had them begin on their meeting summary for their books.
Usually, they simply write down what they made.
This year, I wanted them to really think about what they learned as well.
I taped 4 questions on the wall for them to write about.
All in all, it was a good afternoon.
And as soon as the last one left, I made another batch of bread for us.
It's a bummer when your husband comes home to a yummy, bread scented home and there are only crumbs.

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