Monday, October 17, 2016

A DIY Project

We have an area that is set up for a fire pit, but don't use it as often as I would like. an effort to make it more welcoming and workable, I set out to find an inexpensive solution. 
Pinterest was my source.
 A Pallet Bar.
It would be a permanent place we could set a wine bottle or food that is away from the dogs.  
The important things, dontcha know.
I put a request out on FB for a source of free pallets and immediately received a text from a friend offering all that I needed.  
SPF and I sanded the rough edges and then the painting began. 
 I used what I had...because this is supposed to be an inexpensive solution, remember. 
Now...painting a pallet is not for the faint of heart and it does cause arms, legs and hands to become streaked with paint.
All those nooks and crannies
Don't know how the legs got involved but they did.
 I still have a couple boards on the inside that I missed.
I then clamped the two pallets together and joined them permanently with wood screws.
 A trip to the hardware store for concrete pavers was the only money spent.  
I set the 4 pavers on top to fit properly and then used my handy dandy tube of Liquid Nails to complete the construction.
 A large cup-hook on one end to hang a small bucket for corks or bottle caps, some candles, a lighter and we are set.
There is even space in the center for bug spray and the like.  

 I'm thrilled!
 It is just what I wanted.

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