Monday, October 24, 2016

A Band Parent Again

 The town in which we live has always had a very strong musical background and being in the high school marching band wasn't accompanied by the term "band geek".
 In my hey day, the football stands emptied out after the halftime show was complete.  
Fun stuff, I tell you.

In order to have such strong high school bands, the elementary and junior high bands had to be just as strong and they were.
 Chris and LPP were both in their small country school's band and LPP went on to play on high school for three years. 
Their sister is following suit, but I learned a lot with her siblings and did not allow to march in band as a 5th grader. 
 I made her wait until this year.  
My belief was that she needed to learn how to play music first. 
But this year. 
This year, she is a real band member. 
She was up, dressed, fed and at the school Saturday before the sun for her first competition.  
She was nervous but excited.
This is very small group of kiddos.
 Less that 50 including the flags and shields. 
 All of their practices but 2 occur during one class period. 
Hubby and I have not been involved this year at all until Saturday. 
As I was helping kids in the cafeteria before they left and as we walked alongside them as they were marching to the competition zone, we were reminded that in addition to the kids' hard work and practice, a good band is also made better by the village of parents helping and encouraging them along the way. Sympathizing with them when the drum they are carrying is nearly as big as they are...
 Reminding them which foot is left can be helpful as well.
 Remembering that some of these kidnicks are only 10 and 11 years old...mere babies, I tell you. 

 We also realized that we missed this part of being involved.  
The kids. 
They are pretty great.  
They are respectful. 
They do what they are asked to do.
They tried their hearts out.
 We'll keep calling out....left....left....left.

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Michelle said...

A great activity that I did in my youth.