Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What a Weekend

A couple months ago, Garth Brooks announced that Fresno would be a stop on his world tour in September.  
I was jazzed! (Is that even a saying anymore?)
The evening of the announcement, Chris asked if I wanted to go.
I said, "You want to see Garth with your Mom?????" 
(I was jazzed)
He replied that we could get a group to go.
Maybe my jazzedness was too exuberant.
Garth does something different than other entertainers in that all the seats are the same price.
The maximum number of seats one can purchase at a time is 8 and they could only be purchased from one site online.
This keeps scalpers from buying up oodles at a time and it treats all of his fans the same.
The only issue was that everyone else in this valley was going to be online at 10:00am on the specified ticket sale date at the same time.
 The venue is spectacular, and holds 14,000 (I think) people. 
I, along with everyone else wanting to attend, were fearful of it selling out in minutes.
  LPP was home and we were ready to grab whatever 7 seats together that popped up first.
The countdown on Ticketmaster began....
...30 seconds...
 ...25 seconds....
and so on.
At 10 seconds, my heart started beating faster. 
I adore Garth Brooks.
 At 10:00, the computer screen showed some message that essentially said,
 "All of you Garth Fans just crashed our site. Please standby"
Or something to that effect.
Long story short, when we finally made it through cyberspace, the message told us that our request of 7 tickets on Saturday could not be filled...but would we like to attend on Sunday night? 
It seemed that an extra show on Friday and Sunday were being added as well as two shows on Saturday!
I think so....three of our group could not be reached by phone, so we gambled. 
I knew we could sell or give them to others if need be.  
It was not necessary. 
Sunday it was.
And a good thing, because shortly thereafter, we received a birthday invitation to this special lady's 90th birthday.
Could not have missed that.
God works in mysterious ways.
Sunday evening, we met for dinner and headed to the concert. 
My niece lives across the street, so we parked at her place and walked over.
SPF had never been to a concert before and was excited.
She was too little to attend The Jonas Brothers or Taylor Swift  when her sister and cousin went  years ago. 
Not this time...and her Mom has mellowed with age and didn't even bat an eye at it being a school night.
The only rule she had was that she would be sitting in her desk Monday morning.
Our seats were perfect.  
To the side of the stage, but the front row of permanent seats so the view was not obstructed by people standing and the stage was round with an outcropping.
Three artists sang prior to Garth appearing.
Mitch Rossell is a name that I believe will be widely  known soon.
My niece even took a picture with him after the show.
Karyn Rochelle is a wonderful singer/songwriter who has written hits for numerous artists including Trisha Yearwood.
  She is also one of Garth's  backup singers on this tour.

The final opening act was William Michael Morgan.
His "I Met a Girl" is a hit and one that SPF loves and has his album coming out this week.

Then the man himself.
The center screen rose.
And thus begun the best concert I have been to.  

He sings mostly his hits.
Everyone in the building knew the words. 
Everyone sang the words. 
On every one of them.
It was contagious and he felt it.

    He was humbled by his reception and his wife was no different. 
Trisha is another favorite and the two together?
Well, pretty moving.

 She sang several songs which were received just as enthusiastically as her husband's.
I would like to be her friend.
Gracious, funny, humble and kind.

Garth called our concert the Kitchen Sink Concert...he'd throw everything into it.
 And he did. 

I have not been to a ton of concerts, but this man's humility and gratitude have no rival.
Even the fact that he and Trisha's musicians have each been with them for more than 2 decades speaks to the kind of people they are.
The entertaining part is the added bonus that we all get to enjoy.
 The entire concert lasted just over 4 hours with the encores. 
It was tremendous.
Every single bit.
Especially this.


Michelle said...

I do like Garth Brook and love his wife! Looks/sounds like a great time!

Anonymous said...

I know you had a blast! We went to see him in concert in Charlotte, NC back in the early 90's. He puts on a great concert!!