Friday, September 30, 2016

Randomness from the NutHouse

We have some new additions here at the NutHouse.
Six babies to be exact.
 They are residing in the house under a heat lamp most of the time, but since the daytime temps have been in the 90's, SPF takes them out in their cage to the yard each afternoon.
We are also hoping that having the dogs and cat exposed to them this way, might aid in their ultimate survival in the yard.

We shall see.
I would adore having them free range, but it might not work.
I told Miss Daughter of Mine to NOT name them yet.
She held off for 4 days. 
They are all now named.
Maybe they will all make it.
I can hardly wait for fresh eggs again.
One of the best things ever.
In other NutHouse news, it appears that this mutt might also survive.
She has a BAD habit of herding the other dogs from vehicles on the driveway.
 The problem is, she is not very good at it and we have feared she would get hit one day. 
Well, that day came. 
She and the cockeyed-ear dog both ran in front of Hubby's truck. 
 Both came away limping. 
One stopped limping the following day. 
One did not.
One visited our friendly vet friend, who diagnosed possible ligament tears that if not healed on their own with rest, would require a surgery. 
A surgery in which would cost us plenty.
Thankfully, a week in the barn and no running, has her again herding the others.  
Any ideas how to break her of that without storing her in the barn?

I finally embraced the drought....
...kind of and planted succulents on our front porch.  
 They seem to like it.

We are closer to having survived one more farming year of drought.  
The final irrigation before harvest is in the books.
 From here on out, it is out of our hands.
I wish you a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

Those little things are adorable! I would have a hard time not naming them myself. Glad the mutt is all better. Wish I could help you with that herding thing. I had a mutt that would not leave my horses alone. Had to find him a new home. Aloe Vera! Love it!! Good luck with that walnut harvest!!

Michelle said...

Those are some sweet chicks! I wish I had some advice about dogs/cars. We have four dogs and they all want to chase the random car/truck that wanders down our lane. It is very worrisome. Glad your canine friend will be okay.