Monday, September 12, 2016


I love a good, productive weekend!
There have been projects around here that have been on my mental list of things to do, but it seems as though there has not been a weekend free of other commitments in ages.  
Fun commitments, but commitments, nonetheless.
When the calendar showed nothing on it, I brought my mental list into reality by writing it down.
 My family LOVES when I do that. 
Not really.
Pinterest actually got that ball rolling with a pallet bar that I wanted to make.  
It is nearly finished and I have the paint streaks and bruises on my arms to prove it.  
We pruned trees. 
We raked corrals and flower beds.
We agonized over which trees will need to be completely removed.
And my wonderful, fantastic, kind, sweet, hard working husband, fixed my chicken coop.
We haven't had chickens since Hatchi decided several years ago to have a feast.
I miss chickens.
If he tries again, I will hang him up by his flip floppy ear.
(Not really, PETA people)

Anyway...the coop is ready for critters,
This week.


Michelle said...

I do hope you get some more chickens. Ours died a few months ago and I miss them!

Anonymous said...

Chickens! Yay!! I haven't had chickens in years.