Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pismo Festa - Night One

This year, there was a week of school in session prior to the Festa in Pismo.   
We would still leave from the school on Friday afternoon in order to make an appearance that evening but the girls had begun to settle into the new year prior to that.
Begun to settle.
Sixth grade requires class changes and multiple teachers. 
They had tired brains.
While it was still harried, I seemed to have some breathing room to take care of things more efficiently without much panic.. 
Case in point.
I was walking into Target on Thursday morning, when I received a text from our Senior Queen's mom that reminded me the event on Friday would be outside. 
Not inside, like my feeble brain thought.
The summer, flowy white dresses the girls had planned on wearing would have them turned into ice cubes in no time.
I hightailed it to the girl's section of the store and began texting pics for review.  
I settled on the cutest long sleeve dresses and leggings. 
 Something the girls could wear later on. 
These girls have all grown so much this year, that I grabbed several sizes and would return the extras later. They added their own denim jacket or vest and we were set. 
Once we arrived in Pismo, a change of clothes, hair and crowns by LPP and we were off.
A visit to the chapel where they visited with the sweetest lady again.  
They had fallen in love with Georgina last year and she with them.
 Their official photo had been added to the past queens of Pismo.
 I think they felt pretty special.

The evening's entertainment was a comedy group called the Portuguese Kids 
(The girls laughed a lot in the first half, but we left before it ended)
as well as a raffle.
 BUT the highlight of the night was watching these three girls dive into a bowl of polvo.

And go back for more! 
 The kind man serving it wouldn't let them pay either...he enjoyed watching them enjoy it too much.
For those of you not familiar...polvo is octopus..kind of like a stew and this batch was delicious!

It was a nice evening with special girls.

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