Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Memories and a Mailbox

When we moved to our current town in 1977, my parents bought their first home. 
We had always lived in the Forest Service provided house, so this was a huge step. 
Looking back as an adult, I realize just how big a step and giant leap of faith it was to move to a new town with two children in grade school AND purchase a home. 
The house was in a neighborhood filled with kids. 
Our son's namesake lived in the house next door. 
The helmet in the photo is probably his.
This photo was taken before we moved in because the
car is not ours.
I remember the first thing my parents did was paint.
And tear down a rock and cement fountain monstrosity in the back yard...although it was Mom who attacked that project one day when Dad was out of town.
Flower beds were established and nurtured.
I eventually babysat for the kids a couple doors down, and then that baby grew up and babysat MY own kidnicks.
It was a good place to live..
In the 26 years since Mom and Dad moved, I have driven past the house from time to time.
For quite awhile, it was very run down and neglected.  
But several years ago, it began looking cared for again.
The front door was moved and new windows were put in.
Cement was added for RV parking and the like, but the house looked loved again.
While the house and yard were changing, one thing had remained the same.
See the white, flower covered mailbox?
Mom painted that.
It is still there.
Peeling paint and all.
That fact has always made me smile.
 A week and a half ago, Mari and her family came to spend the weekend with us and share her high school year here with her own children.
Showing them the house was a top priority.
As we stopped in front of the house and looked, a lady emerged and approached Mari.
They began chatting.
 Dad got out of the car to join in.
 Then Mom.  
Mom and Dad mentioned the mailbox (which had been moved and cemented into a brick base) and shared the fact that Mom had painted it.
 The owner said that over the years, he has been asked by friends why he keeps is in rough shape.
He replies that he is keeping it because of the smiley face on the inside door.
We had forgotten about that.
Before we knew it, the new (7 years new) owners had invited all 7 of us into the backyard  as well as a tour of the house.
We agreed to the yard but not the house...that would have been too much of an imposition.
They shared photos of the remodeling they are doing as well as taking us into the side yard that Mom had created as a sanctuary for her Dad when he  lived with us before passing away.
 The new owners had used it for the same purpose for their Mom.
The whole visit was fantastic.
It was more than a house to us and it is the same for them.
It is home.

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Gail Cline said...

This story is unique to you and your family. I loved reading it. The old saying is kinda true,. the older I get the more true it seems. "The more things change the more they stay the same". This also reminds me of the song "The house that built me". I have a similar story. I would like to think God saves the parts and shares it with others. Thank you for sharing your lovely story