Wednesday, September 21, 2016

From Donut Munching Beach Bums to Belles of the Ball

Saturday morning of the Pismo Beach Festa had us meeting Chris and my niece at the girls' favorite breakfast spot. 
They have enjoyed these concoctions every time we are at the coast or simply passing through.
The Pismo Clam was even decked out in its summer finery.

Some fun beach time before the obligations began was nice and I think a good way for these girls to just be little girls for a bit longer.

 On a side note...their school took a survey of the upper graders last year regarding what they would like to see on their playground.
 Swings won, hands down among the 6th thru 8th graders and a set it to be installed next month.
I can see why.

A short walk back to the house for showers and to head to the Festa grounds or lunch.

The girls found a table for us and were watching the Portuguese Folk Dancers.
It took me a second to figure out what these girls were excitedly pointing at.

 It turns out that our middle child...the one who adores being the center of attention...NOT..
...the one who loves to dance...NOT...
...had been asked to join in by one of the dancers.
She was a trooper and handled it with grace and a smile.
She said as she was sitting at the table with the girls and saw him approaching, she looked round and realized she was the only female on that side of the table and knew where he was headed.

After lunch, we changed clothes and went for a walk downtown.  
The group was by the pier showcasing their dancing.
 Miss LPP did not push her way to the front of the crowd.

A walk on the beach and some relaxation at the house. 
 Miss. M's parent's (and little sister) were camping in their trailer and since getting dressed up would be easier without a little person in that scenario,
Miss P. stayed at the house with us for a bit.
I think she was a bit taken with our son.
  She did work her way into his heart...and lap before the afternoon was over.

After a quick dinner, we were off to the Grand March. 
 After a couple small hiccups at the beginning, we were off and running.  
The board members were introduced and the flags presented.

 The outgoing queens and attendants made their way to the center or the room, carrying the new queens' statues.


Then the sweet incoming queens were introduced, made their way around the room and stood in front of our girls. 

 The new statues were presented and our girls received a lovely bouquet of roses in

And then on to the Grand March.
The part they had practiced and knew.
It also might have been my favorite part of the weekend.


Last year, our girls were escorted by young men who were their own age...friends and relatives.
This year, our Senior Queen was going to be escorted by her father as were her attendants.
After some convincing, we did the same thing.  
Miss A's grandparents would be in Pismo and I dare say, were honored to be asked as was Miss M's daddy.
AND everyone ended up where they were supposed to.
Watching the girls beam with pride at the feeling of being on the arm of a man so special to each of them made me teary, yet again.
Although, I do think these men felt pretty special dancing with their girls as well.


The dancing continued into the night for some.  
These two have the power to make everyone watching smile from ear to ear. 
They seriously know how to cut a rug and love doing it.
It shows.
So...only one more event for this Festa Journey.
The parade.

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