Friday, September 2, 2016

Easing Into the Pismo Festa Posts

I am slowly going through photos and figuring out where to put them since my desktop computer is no more.
It's taking more time than I anticipated.
This year, as the outgoing Queen, we needed only to follow the incoming queen's directions. 
She scheduled a couple practices for the Grand March in a nearby town for the girls and their escorts.
  After some scrambling, I was able to commit to one practice, using my son as a stand-in. 
 It worked perfectly and since our group only had to smile and play follow the leader, it was fun.

Even the guys managed with perfection!
Everyone ended up where they were supposed to!
Love when that happens. 
Next week, I will have the pretty pictures!
I hope.

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Michelle said...

Looking forward to more pictures! Have a great weekend!