Friday, September 9, 2016

Doing Good

I saw this posted recently on Facebook and it is too good not to share. 
 Fresno State is a University nearby and is the Alma Mater of my nephew and niece.  
The first link tells about the Renaissance Scholar Program which helps students who have been in the Foster Care System or homeless prior to their college journey.  
Be it gifting the freshman with simple dorm supplies that families normally provide to continued support through their college career. 
 It is a fantastic program. 
Fair warning...the FB link is in conjunction with might want to have one handy.

I discovered this video, filmed last year, that tells the tale of some young women who have graduated and benefited from the program.


Pretty cool, I think.


Michelle said...

A Kleenex is necessary!

Wanda Cox - Wellness With Wanda said...

I loved when one of the grads said "Statistics say one thing and I chose another." Yes! Such a huge accomplishment for them to beat the odds. Love this program!