Wednesday, August 31, 2016

She is in a New Nest

So, after all the harried, craziness of Friday, Saturday dawned with our girl meeting a couple friends at Starbucks at 7:00am to visit and say farewell.
  Scheduled departure time was 9:00am and at 8:50am, she returned home! 
Thankfully she was packed and just had to change clothes before we were our way.
  We live down a relatively long driveway that we take before the main road.  
As we approached the main road, I saw a pick up truck parked in an odd location.
My initial thoughts were that the neighbor's parents were visiting or we had trespassers in the orchard.
Neither were true.
Two of my favorite people were walking from their truck to the driveway, waving American Flags.
My parents.
Sending their granddaughter to Europe in style and with love.
Seriously moving.
And as my sister stated, "We hit the jackpot with our parents".
Mari and her family were sweet enough to meet us at the airport and have lunch before LPP checked in.
Since they are living so close to the airport, and we hit traffic, we were later than planned.
They had already scoped out the ticket counter number for us and chosen the lunch spot as well as securing two tables for us.
Then they waited patiently and kindly as lunch was pushed until after checking in.
Check in was a breeze and lunch was pretty yummy at the Firewood Grill.
It was fun to visit again with Mari and her family. 
The kids are adjusting each day to life in America and a new school.
Good byes were said at the security area and we wondered how this moment happened so quickly.
 Since she was still a couple hours to departure and the good old days of being allowed past security without a ticket are things of the past, we made our way to the cars to begin the drive home. 
My favorite son provided us with a bit of comic relief as we watched the planes from a window.
In his defense, he did try mighty hard to save the tipping over. 
And the wheelchair WAS just sitting there in a corner waiting to be sat in.

I love this guy.
A few last texts with our girl before we left, assured us the plane was at the gate...
...and that she had Aunt Mari's phone number if need be.
It wasn't. 
While they took off an hour late, they arrived in Dublin just a few minutes past the scheduled time.

We chuckled at this road sign on the way home.
Could have saved some pennies if we'd only sent her to this Dublin.

  She is safe and sound and I am certain having fun.
Although her Psychology class started maybe not.

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