Friday, August 19, 2016

Owls. This is Sad. You've been warned

I love owls.
They seem so majestic and wise.
I think of them all hailing from Pooh Corner.
 Several days ago we noticed an owl on the side of the road that had been hit by a car...we assume.
It is not something that we see very often and it made us
all sad. 
Two days ago on my pre-dawn walk, I saw another owl fly from our orchard across the road. 
Yesterday, I heard the owl "whoo whooing" from the telephone pole overlooking the deceased bird. 
Did you know that barn owls can mate for life?

As adults, Barn Owls are solitary animals until they pair with a mate. They mate for life and become very emotionally attached to their partner. Barn Owls can often be seen cuddling with their partner and babies in their nest. They will mate to show affection to one another, although they are not actually breeding.

When one mate dies, the other becomes immensely depressed and wills themselves to die. They display a catatonic nature and die much faster than regular starvation or dehydration. In the wild, Barn Owls have relatively short life-spans, so they may only breed once or twice during their life.

I have never wanted to offer comfort to a bird before.

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Michelle said...

I have only seen an owl once, and it was by the side of the road. I backed up to check on it and it flew away. They are wonderful, and yet mysterious, birds.