Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Whirlwind of a Week

School for SPF has been in session for nearly a week and I am formally putting in a request to the earth spinner to please SLOW DOWN!

  I already miss the lazy days of watching my daughter alternate her afternoon with jumping in the pool and reading a book.

 I miss watching these two have a day filled with board games.

 When I was recently told that summer vacation is still the same 10 weeks it has always been, I had a couple thoughts.
 I STILL like summer vacation to end with Labor Day and I am certain that I'd be complaining in June that it hadn't begun yet.  
Never satisfied, I tell you.
Summer was great around here, albeit filled with stuff. 
Good stuff and mostly relaxing stuff. 
 Maybe that is a reason this past week had thrown me for a loop.
 Easing into the school year did not happen.
 I feel that I was thrown into the deep end of a pool without knowing how to swim.
Our computer made good on its promise of dying. 
And taking all of the documents and photos I hadn't been able to back up yet with it.

That caused several full fledged sobbing events on my part.
It also gave me a day in which I would have been perfectly happy if EVERYONE in my path had jumped off the face of the earth.
 However, as I mentioned before, it is spinning to doggone fast!

If I don't think about what was on the computer, I'm okay.
Focusing on one of the many things on my plate is all I can do.
We are preparing for SPF's final Festa as St. Anthony Pismo Beach's Junior Queen. 
Practice for the Grand March is compete and I am certain will bring tears of pride this weekend. 
 It has been a lot of fun and for the most part, has gone swimmingly.

Back to School night was last night as well.
Sixth Graders (even typing that grade proves how fast the earth is spinning)  in SPF's school change classes and that was stressfull for our girl. 
Her fear of having gobs of homework from different teachers also frightened her. 
Having two teachers who are new to us, frightened me a bit. 
 After meeting with and listening to each of her instructors, we are all fairly confident now.
So, I suppose I will embrace what this week has brought and try to savor the one to come.
If I don't... or if I blink... this baby girl will be leaving for college...not just down the road to 6th grade.

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