Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Favorite Food Dinner

 In less than 3 weeks, Sarah will be heading back to college. 
This semester, that means she will be spending the time in Europe.
She is studying abroad. 
We are super excited for her...a tad bit envious as well.
We wanted to gather her family around her for a special meal and wish her well and bless her before she departs. 
We settled on a date that worked for the majority and planned the menu.
Her favorite foods.
Crab Balls, Chicken Balls, My Grandma's Meatballs...there seemed to be a theme at this point.
We also had Lasagna, Crab Enchiladas, Spaghetti Casserole and a huge spinach salad. 
There needed to be something healthy and green!
With the potential of 24 people coming and the temps too hot to sit outside, I moved our living room furniture and rented 3 banquet tables that were clamped together and covered with black fabric.
With my dining table extended and set for 10, we were good to go!
 The centerpieces were kept simple and inexpensive by purchasing potted mums and using those flowers.
I might even get the plant to grow in the garden...not holding my breathe though.
I don't have a very good plant growing track record.
And the fact that it is still on my front porch baking in the sun isn't helping.
The conversations and visits continued through and past dessert.
  I do believe dinner was a success.
Sarah was reminded just how loved she is by her family.
And that is exactly what I had hoped for.

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