Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Farewell.....For a Bit

This summer may just go down in history as the fastest flying one ever.
It is all but done.
As our children grow and move into adulthood, there are farewells to be said and visits to be made.  One of  the farewells was to this sweet girl.
Melissa and LPP (Sarah) have been dear friends for 4 years.
 She then worked her way into all of our hearts and truly is loved as a daughter.
We celebrated their 18th birthdays together.
Melissa then moved.
To South Dakota.
BUT during that time, the girls stayed in touch with an occasional visit.
Life has taken another turn, as it does.
Sarah will be embarking on a new adventure in a couple weeks and tomorrow, Miss Melissa begins her Mission through her church. 
She has been called to serve in Salt Lake City.
She would be in our town for a short visit with friends and family and wisdom teeth removal before heading to Utah. 
We settled on a time that she could join us for a meal together...before the teeth came out!
The morning after we returned from Newark.
This being stashed in the freezer helped immensely.
A yummy bowl of fruit, bacon and a simple table was just special enough to make Melissa feel celebrated and loved.
I contacted a FB friend for ideas on a gift marking Melissa's special journey and am so very pleased with the result.
"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. ~Mark 16:15"
 It seems that Melissa was as well.

So, as we are sad that we won't see this girl for quite some time, we are proud of her.
We are inspired by her Faith.
And we are excited by the knowledge that her irresistible, loving, kind and enthusiastic spirit will be blessing all those she encounters.
We look forward to hearing about the road she is on and where it will take her.
We love you, sweet girl!

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Michelle said...

What a wonderful send off for this young lady.