Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pre- Newark Festa

Several things occurred last weekend. 
Because this was happening, we went.
Because one of LPP's college best friends lives 10 minutes away, we planned a visit.
Because that visit needed to be longer that a few minutes, we travelled a day earlier than otherwise necessary.
And it was wonderful.
Miss A. spent the night with us Thursday so that we would be able to depart whenever the car was packed and work was done.
Donuts were made for breakfast and subsequently devoured.
We managed to get everything into the car along with 6 people and their luggage.
I was a little bit impressed!
The pile next to LPP is most of the parade stuff.
More is stashed under the seats.
There is a lot.
LPP was to spend the night as well as Saturday with her friend and I must say that when these two girls either greet each other or say farewell, it is heartwarming.
We made it to our hotel a few minutes later and checked in with warm chocolate chip cookies. 
They smelled amazing and when the sweet desk agent asked if we would like more, she is lucky to have escaped with her hand!
We decided dinner was in order.
And then swimming.
The girls were thrilled and even made new friends with some girls from Korea.
 Saturday morning dawned bright and lovely.
I may have been a bit giddy.
I would be seeing my Norwegian sister again.
After 15 years.
But first.
To San Jose and the Winchester Mystery House.
We decided not to take a guided tour through the house, but strolled the gardens.
The tale goes, that after Sarah Winchester lost her 4 year old daughter and then her husband (of Winchester gun fame), she contacted a spiritualist.
It was this medium who advised Sarah what to do with her life and how to spend her $20,000,000.00!
The story is fascinating and I find, a bit sad.
Regardless, the grounds are stunning and the home beautiful.
I like to think she felt a sense of purpose and comfort in spite of her loss.
Pretty details are everywhere.
I wonder if they would mind if I borrowed some of these "extra" windows?
Any one of the outer building would do for me.
The garden "shed"
The stables...
The foreman's house...
Heck, even the tankhouse would do!
I asked the girls what their favorite part of the home was and they both agreed that the variety of plants was pretty impressive.
Since the reason my sister and her family are in California for the year, is a fellowship at Stanford and none of us had seen the campus, we decided to take a quick drive through.
It is an impressive campus!


A decision by some crazy people was made to walk to the tippy top of the tower.

The only sane member of our group decided sitting on a lovely, shady bench with her feet planted firmly on the ground would be the smartest course of action.
As it turned out the line to just get in line to buy tickets was too long.
We had people to hug and  visit with!


And rock climbing contraptions to conquer!


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Michelle said...

This looks like great fun and I am always impressed at your ability to pack everything!