Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Newark Festa

Our Festa schedule is winding down with just one remaining in Pismo next month.
As I have sorted through the photos I took last weekend, I realized the trip is going to warrant several posts. 
 The reason we chose to attend the Festa in Newark is very close to my heart and I will share the details of that soon.
I am still trying to find words that will do the experience justice.
As someone close to me said, I am savoring the moment.
For now, I am beginning at the end...the actual Festa.
Newark is about 4 hours north of us and near San Jose.
We would be taking one attendant with us while the other one travelled up with her family.
After the Thornton Festa, I learned to book ample hotel rooms ahead of time so we were set.
Chris delivered Starbucks to the three girls in the morning and they munched on zucchini bread, donuts and peaches while LPP did their hair.
This is not the girls' first rodeo, so an assembly line was set up to get into petticoats, shoes, dresses, crowns etc. 
They are pros at this now.
Sweet pros.
 Dressed and ready to roll, we drove to the hall. 
Hubby found them a bench in the shade and we waited.
And waited.
And waited.
There were three bands and a lot of queens.
It was quite warm and the shade was beginning to dwindle. 
Thankfully, our girls are not only pros, they are troopers. 
Big brothers help pass the time as well and their friendship with each other.
 Big sisters help as well!
 And speaking of troopers....a clue to the reason we came to Newark.
These were super troopers!
Jet-lagged, exhausted, overwhelmed, sweet troopers.
 Finally, we were off!
The church and hall are on the same street. 
Quite a few people lined part of the street to watch and police blockades were in place at each intersection.
One feels, kind of important!
    The walk was a bit longer than the 10 minutes Google Maps said it was, but again...troopers one and all.
These guys have it much harder than most.
Talk about a heavy load to carry.
 I had to chuckle at this sign. 
I don't know why.
The banner and flag bearers line the way for the new queen and her court to make their way to the church.
Apparantly, last year's Little Queen was sad to hand her crown over to the new one.


After Mass, there was again more waiting to line up and make our way back to the hall for Sopas, but I heard no complaints from our girls. 
 Some of the smaller ones around us were having a difficult time.
It truly was hot with a lot of hurry up and wait.
There were many encouraging words being shared with the little ones.


 Troopers, I tell you.
Once the dresses were changed and paraphernalia packed in the car, we waited in line for Sopas.
When perusing the schedule of events, we had noticed they weren't to be served until 215pm which we thought odd.
It seemed as though there would be a lot of downtime.
There wasn't.
Usually, after the parade, everyone files into a hall or patio on long tables at the same time. 
This seemed to be different.
Hubby, LPP and Chris had been given a ticket with a crown on it during the parade.
But no instructions.
Chris and LPP went to the front of the line with tickets to try and get into the building and hopefully hold seats for the rest of us. 
After more time, Hubby went to the door and asked the gentleman if queens and their families were allowed in.
After a bit of talking, we were allowed through the crowd into the building. 
 There was some grumbling from those around us as we did. 
The gentleman said that the queens and their families are the reason there is a Festa and that they will be taken care of first.
While being in that group, I can understand frustration from those who were not.
The hall was lovely and filled with round tables. 
 After more time, food was brought.
It was pretty tasty!
I think the Sopas might be right up near the top.
We were able to visit a bit more and that made it all okay.
Truly, better than okay.

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