Wednesday, June 1, 2016


May is over.
We survived.
AND I was excused from Jury Duty on my birthday.
The last school lunch has been packed.
The teacher gifts prepared and delivered.
Birthdays and graduation treats prepped and ready for the mail and thank you notes sealed.
The bird feeders have all been refilled and are making everyone happy.
SPF's 4-H book is finally finished with the help of her big sister.

Her Festa cape is stashed in an out of the way place, rather than the middle of the living room floor.
Because said cape is no longer there though,  I had to sweep the floor.
Which I did.
Mantle has been updated from Spring to Summer.

Awards have been awarded.
School calendars torn up and discarded.

Fridge has been cleaned and restocked for the week,
The laundry is least for the day.
AND because of this....
Our youngest and I are outta 12:46pm.
Did I mention summer vacation begins at 12:45pm? 

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