Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Vacation Begins...A Late Post.

When my hubby makes it possible for us to head to the beach for a bit when school is out, I am always ready. 
We have been doing it for years. 
Usually, the kids and I take off and Hubby joins us for a few days during the week as work allows.
This year, work...for Chris, LPP AND Hubby... interfered and it was just SPF and me.
 School was dismissed at 12:45 and we were on the road two minutes after that.
 You see there was a heat way coming at home and I am not a fan.
When it is this hot in the valley, the coast is sure to be cool and overcast. 
It was the perfect weather.
This girl of mine loves the outdoors as well as longing inside with a good book or movie.
We did all of that.
There were no clocks to watch or alarms to set.
We did what we felt at the moment and had a great time.
There were walks on the beach to see her favorite "Sand Castle Man".
We watched an inspiring group of AmpSurf members teaching American Veterans how to surf. 
This group's vision statement is  
"All people with disabilities will experience the freedom of adaptive sports without limitations.'
This weekend's clinic celebrated our soldiers associated with Wounded Warriors.
I could have watched them all day.
There were rocks to climb, duck families to gaze at, sand castles to build and waves to catch.


Another thing about the Central Coast when it is hot in the valley...EVERYONE (except my two older kids and my husband) come to escape certain melting on the weekend. 
I made the mistake of running a quick errand on Saturday morning...returning was a lengthy process through town.
Weekends like that are perfect for movies and books at the house and not venturing out.

We attended Mass at the Mission in San Luis Obispo and it was lovely,
Even more meaningful because SPF was asked to carry the gifts to the altar.
After Mass, we walked to the bookstore, where my daughter takes a deep breath as she enters the door and grins from ear to ear.
Her breakfast didn't hurt either.

Until about 13 years ago, we stayed in another beach town...Morro Bay. 
This was before SPF was born, so I took her on a tour of our old haunts...favorite part of beach, the pirate ship park that Chis adored as a little boy, before meeting friends for lunch. 
And the rest of the week followed suit...complete relaxation.
Beach, books and special memories made.


The week was pretty much what I needed. 


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Michelle said...

This sounds perfect to me. Nothing like the beach and a little time with a daughter. They are a blessing in life.