Friday, June 24, 2016


As the older of two girls, I was the protector.
I took care of my sister.
I even attempted to bring my newborn, tightly swaddled sibling to the dinner table...when I was two.
Dad intercepted us before I dropped her on her noggin, thankfully.
I was also bossy and a bit of a bully to her, I fear.
  But no one else could be.
She was my best friend.
Even when I was being mean, we were a team.
  As an adult, I have often marveled at her will....her strength...her love.
She is always the one to whom kids flock.
She is who our daughter began modelling her teacher-self into.
She is a wife who adores her husband and in turn is cherished by him.
I find it interesting that while we were both raised by the same parents, in the same home and  manner, we have views on the world that differ. 
 She articulates her thoughts in ways that give me pause. 
 She makes me think.
She also hears me.  
We are still a team.
We have just added many more people to the picture.
So, to you, my sister...
my friend....
Happy Birthday!




Rebcam said...

You made me cry! Thanks, Jen.

Chris Camarena said...

Me too.