Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June Birthday Dinner

We hosted our  June birthday dinner with my parents and sister's family just over a week ago and had a nice time. 
Everyone but my nephew and his girlfriend were able to come...they were in Florida visiting her family.
SPF and I decided a shabby, chic-y, summery elegant table setting an this what we came up with. Easy and sweet, I think.

Appetizers were set on a piece of oak that I sanded and oiled.
Homemade bread and pesto cheese, marinated peppers that were a hit, and skewered maters and basil from the garden. 
 I forgot to set out the genoa salami which would have fit perfectly in the spot between the bread and cheese. 
 Oh well.
Mom  brought a watermelon salad that was over the top good and my sister brought her divine Oreo Cake creation.
There was a lot of discussion...some heated...and stories and fun. 
I cherish these people and feel blessed beyond measure knowing that I could never do or say anything that would change their love for or friendship with me.
They are loyal through and through.
It's a proven fact.
Father's Day for my Hubby was low key and he was asked to BBQ...his own Father's Day dinner. Yup.
I do think the fun that ensued from the girls' gift to him made up for the labor of cooking lamb chops.

It was not only a family filled, fun weekend, it was yummy too!

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Michelle said...

Looks/sounds like a perfect time to me.