Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Look Back

The end of June?
June 28, 2015
There is  so much good in the town....but always seems to be overshadowed by the bad.
June 28, 2014
More wisdom for your Thursday.
With all the bad in the towns, this is comforting.

June 30, 2013
When I look back to the places I have traveled and the trips I have taken, there are favorites.  Rome...Neuschwanstein... Azores...London...Tolga...Corsica.
 BUT when our youngest is asked?
This trip tops everything.
Granted, she is still young with a whole world in front of her, but I think it will always hold a special place in her heart. 
The movie is still her favorite.
And now we have the added knowledge that my nephew's girlfriend worked at the aquarium while we were there!
BEFORE she came to college and met her handsome beau. 
SPF likes to think that she is the sweet red head, who moved people around in order for her to have a better view of Winter.
I think so too.
July 1, 2012
With our Independence Day creating a 4 day crazy holiday weekend, I hope everyone will slow down and take a few moments to remember what America is.
What it truly stands for.

July 2, 2010
Days like this are forever etched on my heart.
June 30, 2009
She changed my perception of German Shepherds.
Her son is a bit of a dorky, big lug, but a loyal, protective homebody lug, nonetheless.
I hope never to be without one again.
Happy Thursday!

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