Friday, May 13, 2016

Small but Mighty

Our kidnicks have been involved in the same 4-H Club for 10 years. 
As the years pass and kids grow up and move on to FFA or college, new members is a constantly changing are all groups. 
Sometimes large...sometimes small.
The one thing that doesn't change though,  is the generosity of our members and their families. 
This year, our club with just over 20 families, gave back to our community. 
 As SPF reported at the last meeting,
"We provided canned food for needy families here at S. School...
and have given water to families without water in our town.
We donated pajamas for Foster Children...
and enough toys for children at two local hospitals.
Our American soldiers received lots of Valentine's Day cards...
and the children at the Crisis Center received Easter Baskets...
and their moms will receive gifts on Mother's Day"

As the 4-H pledge states:
I pledge:
my HEAD to clearer thinking
my HEART to greater loyalty
my HANDS to larger service, and
my HEALTH to better living,  for my club, my community, my country and my world
These kids are doing just that.

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