Monday, May 16, 2016

She Is With Us

Yesterday, we travelled for the day to attend a Festa in Santa Maria...about three hours away. 
It was a long day and you will be subjected to hearing all about it soon, but for today, I want to remember Baba. 
 It has been a year since we have been blessed by her touch.
As the 6 of us walked into the hall yesterday, there was a lady.
 A lady with hair the color  and style of my mother in law. 
 She was sitting in a chair with her body tilted toward the small group of people she was talking to.
Her face was turned. 
But in that instant, Baba was there.
 I turned to and asked if LPP she saw it as well.
 She did.
The clothing.
The posture.
The animation of her conversation.
As the lady turned toward us, Baba was gone.
But in that instant, I know now, that she was watching over us and letting us know that while we don't have her touch anymore, we have her love.
Her pride.
The important things.


Jensamom23 said...

From Pam Sola:
I get goosebumps when someone shares their angel signs with me. Those are so special. Thank you. We miss her and love you all so much.

Jensamom23 said...

From Wanda Cox:
I totally understand those moments.