Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Moving backward two days from Mother's Day and the Stratford Festa to Friday.
We brought our girl home from college.
She has completed her freshman year in college.
Her first year of COLLEGE is over.
Not sure.
But it is.
Hubby and I drove to Pismo Beach on Thursday night to celebrate our anniversary before continuing on Friday morning.
It was a gorgeous morning and I was tempted to bring home a firetruck, because it was neat...and for sale.

 LPP's two room-mates had gone home on Thursday, so moving out of her dorm was easy and she had done a great job packing.
Only took the three of us three trips...down two flights of stairs.
 Pretty seamless.
 We were able to say good bye to one friend before she flew off to Ohio and then the last remaining one on campus. 
Miss M. has a broken foot, thus allowing her a golf cart at school.

As we followed them across campus to return the cart, the sprinkles began.
As they fell harder, Miss M. said that the rain was her emotions. 
Sniff, sniff. 
Good friends are such treasures and knowing LPP has such treasures in her life, makes me happy.

Leaving campus, it dawned on us that in a mere three years, we will be sitting here watching our girl graduate.
From college.
Have I mentioned that she has finished her freshman year??????
 After a late breakfast, we encountered a variety of weather.  This weather and view would be really hard to take on a daily basis.
 We were able to make it home before they shut down this part of the Interstate due to a mudslide.

By the time we got home, we had passed through the rain in time to surprise little sister with big sister at school. 
Big sister was nearly knocked over by little sister's enthusiastic greeting on the playground.
That makes me happy, too.
 Welcome home, Lollipop Pop!

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Michelle said...

I know you will enjoy having her home this summer.