Monday, May 23, 2016

Friends, Competition and Memories

In the weeks leading up to our local fair, everyone involved in 4-H or FFA are busy. 
 Raising a livestock animal entails a lot more than simply feeding them.
Much more. 
 SPF is talking about wanting to raise one next year as well. 
She hasn't quite decided which species yet. 
For this year, she spent her time preparing indoor projects. 
 Her Chocolate Cake, S'More Mallows and Zucchini Bread each received a first place award, as did her decorated cake. 
I must say that the level of competition in the cake decorating is off the charts! 
There are some super imaginative and creative cakes.
Her photos were up against some fine competition as well.
Judging photos is so difficult.
I did it once.
Never again.
It is so subjective.
I adore the fact that properly setting a table still has value and that these kids are learning to do it, not only properly, but with artistry and simple fun.
The Archery and Shooting Competitions took place the previous week and the targets are on display. 
There are miniature gardens as well as other horticulture projects.
It makes me happy that sewing is still taught and some of these entries are fantastic!
Really great
Oh, yes.
And our club's glittertastic banner.
With only three kidnicks signed up to help create this, it was a challenge, but looks great!
Two of SPF's rabbits made the trip to the fair. 
They would both be entered in their respective classes for Breed and Legend would be her prop in Showmanship.
Legend was disqualified because of a freckle on his nose.
He was as well last year for the same reason, but SPF wanted to see if it would pass with a different judge.
It didn't.
Her new rabbit, Olympus, received a third in his breed. 
She was happy.
Watching others compete helps to pass the time, as do cute cookies.
Not made by me.
Hanging out with friends eases the tension and is a huge part of this experience. 
Waiting one's turn to compete in showmanship  might be harder than actually showcasing the knowledge. 
The kids have to sit and wait, while the bunnies flop out and nap.
As each name is called and the kidnick makes their way to the judge's table, those watching are quietly cheering them one. 
 Especially the very young ones.
Mini members, beginning at the age of 5 can show a rabbit here. 
It is daunting to stand before a stranger and show him various things, in a specific order, about your rabbit. 
Speaking loudly enough in a noisy environment, ignoring the oodles of faces staring at you and dealing with an animal who might decide at this particular moment, that jumping or biting would be a good idea.
Oh, and answering questions.
All at once.
Another thing that everyone involved 4-H, FFA and this fair in particular should be proud of, is the genuine happiness and good sportsmanship toward others. 
Parents, leaders, even strangers are constantly congratulating kids that aren't even theirs.
The kids see that and it becomes second nature for them to follow suit.
SPF and the little girl in the red, had both been called back in front of the judge to break a tie.  Yikes! 
It was fun to watch.
The questions went back and forth with both of them either answering incorrectly or correctly.
Finally, their answers differed and the tie was broken.
This is the same judge as last year so it was even more enjoyable to see how far our girl has come in the past year.
She learned a lot from his comments on her last place finish then.
This year, she placed third!
Very proud of her!

So, we have all survived another year.
  Even the bunnies are doing well transitioning back from the fairgrounds.
That has not always been the case.
Friendships strengthened and memories made.
Check and Check.

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Jensamom23 said...

Awww, fair is such a special experience. If she wants to show a market animal next year, I know this crazy lady who has meat goats who can help her out. LOL
Pam Sola