Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Celebrating in Style

When we planned our wedding 25 years ago, we were not thinking of what an insanely busy month May would come to be. 
Nor were we thinking what tremendously caring and thoughtful humans we would have raised....or nearly raised.
 We were just thinking that the first available Saturday after Lent was over would be nice...
...and that 4 1/2 months after my sister's wedding would be enough time to salvage my parent's sanity.
And have them settled into their newly built house and move into said house.
When all was said and done, sanity was achieved and life moved on.
As we were penciling schedules out this year, we did not want to  overlook the importance of 25 years of marriage. 
It is a milestone to be celebrated. and honored.
We each received special wishes in the mail from our girl.

We were invited to a wine tasting event in town that happened to be on the evening of our anniversary and Mom and Dad agreed to watch Miss SPF for a bit. 
 It was a lo-key, but enjoyable Wednesday evening and we caught up with some friends. 
I was gifted with a lovely new silver bracelet from my husband to mark our Silver Anniversary.
We were also given a silver platter that once belonged to my Grandparents.
A beautiful treasure.

Since we were scheduled to bring LPP home from college on Friday, we left a day prior for a romantic dinner at the coast on the way.
Dinner was delicious, the view unrivaled and the company perfect.
My husband even brought a bottle of wine that he had been saving for  more than 20 years to share.
Although the cork had seen better days, the wine was fantastic.
Kind of like us, I guess.

Chris told us weeks ago that he and his sisters would be taking us out to dinner on Saturday.
Mind you, we moved LPP home on Friday and had a Festa to attend on Mother's Day Sunday and would be having two girls spending the night.
Without batting an eye, he invited the girls and changed the reservations.
Remember my comment earlier about thoughtful humans?
Also, another very special bottle of wine with ties to our early days of dating.
As we were driving home from dinner, Chris needed to make a quick stop at his Aunt and Uncle's house. 
Their daughter was home from college for the weekend and he needed to get something from or give something to her. 
Who knows.
 There was also a chance that our 2 year old great nephews would be there and my kids can not pass a chance to love on them.
Our kidnicks ran into the house and Hubby and I followed. 
 As we entered, I could hear people in the kitchen area around a corner but thought nothing of it.
 I figured the twins were there and they were just visiting. 
After what must have seemed like a long time, I noticed an arm with a phone taking pictures from around the corner. 
Then, "Surprise!".
My parents were standing there. 
I still didn't understand. 
 Slowly, as more of our immediate family appeared, I saw silver balloons and a cake.  
And  champagne flutes decorated by our niece.
A party!
For us!
Arranged by our caring and thoughtful children.
Seriously fantastic!
A funny side note. 
While we originally had both Festa Attendants scheduled to join us for dinner, one had plans change that required more covert actions on our children's part.

Chris had been texting the Dad to reschedule drop off times and not let think anything was awry.
 He thought of everything.


After three dinners and a party, I think we marked our wedding anniversary in style.

Here is to the next 25!

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