Tuesday, April 5, 2016

On U.S Soil, Chicken Balls and Easter

I had never had a child of ours in another country without me before. 
While I knew she was with a well managed, well prepared and experienced group, I must say that I was happy when this text came through.
With LPP's  Easter Break visit only lasting 2 days in town, I wanted a special dinner for the night we would be eating at home together.
What to fix that she loves and was not a regular  go to? 
Chicken Balls.
I was first introduced to these gems eons ago...pre husband and pre kidnicks. 
 I was working full time and my boss was involved with the local Zonta Club. 
 Every month, two or three women owned businesses would prepare and host a sit down lunch for the other businesses.
When our turn came, Robi chose Chicken Balls as the main dish.
  It is a throw in the bowl with no strict measurements kind of recipe which was perfect for the full house in attendance.  
 I don't remember anything else that was on that menu, but these were divine! 
 Over the years, I have made them for dinner parties and family meals. 
 They are not calorie or carb friendly, but for a special meal, they are just the ticket.

Robi's Chicken Balls
Measurements are all "ISHES".
(These amounts make about 16 balls and one is typically enough...although because I make them so rarely, two are gorged on by some members of my family)
4 cooked, cooled chicken breasts, diced
( I cover the raw chicken with cold water.
Bring to a boil, cover and turn off heat for one hour .
If I remember, I add some whole pepper corns and some poultry seasoning to the water.
 Once the hour has passed, I remove the chicken to a cutting board to cool and then dice into largish chunks)
2-4 celery stalks, diced
1-1.5 cup walnuts, chopped
2-ish blocks of softened cream cheese.
This is all thrown into a bowl and mixed with your hands. 
There should be just enough cream cheese to hold the goodies together in a ball a bit larger than a baseball.
At this point, you can freeze for later use.
Freeze on a sheet pan until solid and then transfer to a freezer bag  for storage.
Now comes the super healthy part.
Wrap each ball with a crescent roll.
 Yup, one of the triangles from the can.
I open the can of dough when I begin mixing these.
By then, they will have softened enough to stretch over the balls without tearing. 
If they do tear, just smoosh back together. 
You want the cream cheese goodness to be encased in the dough.
Now...throw your diet out the window for the next step.
QUICKLY dip each dough ball in melted butter to coat. 
Then roll in crushed stuffing mix.
Place on a greased cookie sheet until ready to bake. 
Bake at 350* for 30 - 45 minutes until golden brown.

Robi always served these with a brown gravy which my family loves
...the powdered mix is fine and will do in a pinch.
These are seriously rich and yummy and different.

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