Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Fair #1 is in the Books

Our County 4-H Fair wrapped up yesterday and our little club had some terrific results. 
 There were lots of pretty and creative cakes this year and for the first time, our girl tried her hand at frosting a real cake with buttercream.
 Not bad and she is pleased with the comments from the judges.
Good thing it wasn't tasted, as it sat in the fridge for a week due to time constraints.
Oh well...that baking soda in the picture might have done its job. 
Who knows.

 She is going to modify her table setting for the next fair based on the judges critique.
Again, she was pleased.

She only entered two photos this time, but will be taking a couple more to the fair in May.

Now, she just needs to complete her fondant cake...then I will stop nagging her. 


Melinda said...

That cake is beautiful! And yes - I understand that whole nagging thing! :)

Michelle said...

I am impressed with her frosting. Very tedious work!