Friday, April 29, 2016

Between May 1st and May 31st

Do you know the feeling when you are in line for a roller coaster and  you start to get butterflies and feel some trepidation? 
You know that as soon as you are buckled into the seat that it will be fun and exciting, but while you are nearing the front of the line, you are a bit worried and thinking of all the "what ifs"

That is what the month of April has been for me.
 I was talking to my mom recently and I was a bit flummoxed as to why I was feeling overwhelmed at the thought of May and all that is scheduled.
 I don't have a child in high school... graduations... baseball games... big parties... confirmations or First Holy Communions. 

But anxious, I am.
I know that each even will be fun and exciting...but I still worry beforehand.
Beginning May 1st, I have...
1 60th annual Chicken Dinner at our elementary school which I will bake treats and serve guests.
1 Celebrating  25 years of marriage
1 Belated Birthday gathering for a certain 19 year old
1 Band concert 
1 Awards Assembly
1 Fair - and all that that entails
1 Celebration of being alive for 5 decades
1 Fair Banquet
1Mother's Day
1Jury Summons
1 Moving home - day for a certain college student
1 4-H Book completed...and begun
1 Mother's Day
2 Field trips
4 Festas

There is also some overlap-age of events...
Is that a word?
It is now.
 June 1st?
I will be at the coast.

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Michelle said...

Holy Cow! What a schedule for the month! Wishing you all the best!