Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April Fool's Day at the Nuthouse

April snuck up on me this year and with it much forethought into pranks for April Fool's Day.
I managed to startle my husband for the first time ever with a cup filled with wiffle golf balls tied to the inside of the refrigerator door...his reaction time was impressive, though as he caught one before it hit the floor. 
Not so with my son way back when.
I very rarely buy snack size chips (because when I do, I tend to eat them), but decided to switch SPF's favorite Doritos with pretzel chips instead. 
Stuck a note in with the pretzels, taped the bottom of the bag up and called it good.
  She was surprised.
I was pretty lame this year, come to think of it. 
 She NEVER has a sandwich in her lunch, so this faux cheese sandwich fooled no one. 
Besides, I have done it before.
Oh well.
With the subpar jokes around here this year, I remembered back to a prank I played on our son many years ago. 
It wasn't April Fool's Day, but it was classic!
Did you prank your kidnicks this year?
Do tell.

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