Saturday, March 5, 2016


Do you every look online for recipes and then read the reviews?  
Do the people who give a review, either high or low and then go on to say what they added or deleted bother you? 
They essentially are critiquing a recipe that bears no resemblance to what the original was. 
 Well, I am about to do that. 
Not completely, but I did make changes. 
 Gina at Skinnytaste, recently shared a recipe she came up with after a trip to Jamaica.  Jamaican Coconut Shrimp Stew sounded perfect for a Friday during Lent with temps in the upper 70's. 
Gina's recipe called for a Scotch Bonnet Pepper. 
 I opted out. 
 I like a bit of heat and SPF is getting more tolerant of it, but the Scotch Bonnet scared me. 
I also only used a yellow bell pepper...because I forgot to buy a green one and forgot to chop the red one. 
Oh Well.
Everything else remained as the original.
This was amazing! 

 A kick of heat would be nice if you like, but for us, it was nice without. 
The cilantro was a really nice flavor as well. 
This was deemed a keeper and a winner.

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