Friday, March 4, 2016

Waking Up

With the warm weather we have had recently, things are beginning to wake up with the coming of Spring.
The Sweet Olive smells of orange blossoms and with the windows open, so does where I am sitting.  Lovely.
The fruit trees are performing their magical show of color not only in our yard, but in the orchards in the area. 
They are truly spectacular to look at.
The roses are beginning to show signs of life.
There are a few oranges left that have not been eaten yet.
They sure were yummy this year.
 It also is showing us some of the damage that has been caused by the lack of water. 
 There are trees that we have lost and as some begin to leaf out, others do not. 
 I fear we have lost our Maples which make me very sad.
  I know we must take at least two of our redwoods out.
That makes the pocketbook sad.
 The wisteria, however, seems to always thrive, so matter how mistreated it is. 
It looks as though it might just be in full, glorious bloom for Easter this year. 

I love when that happens.

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Michelle said...

The Wisteria is beautiful, as are your children!