Saturday, March 26, 2016


As a mother, I often wonder what will "stick" with our children as they grow? 
 Will they remember the little things?
What things that I thought "little" will be "big" in their minds?
I brought up the subject last Christmas to switch the breakfast menu up a but.
 I was nearly met with a revolt. 
Much the way my own mom was when she changed OUR family Christmas breakfast.
Earlier this week, SPF asked if we were going to make the special Easter cookies again? 
I asked if she wanted to.
The look she tossed back to me was a combination of
"WHY would you think I wouldn't?"
It has only been a few years that I discovered this recipe and it has truly been a joy and apparently something our youngest looks forward to..
 In the beginning, it was I who told the story.
Now, it is she who explains each step. 
 If you haven't done this with your kidnicks, it is special.
AND you still have time.
We use walnuts instead of pecans because, well...we grow them.
I am also determined to get a better photo of them this year.
Although, since LPP is coming home today, there is a GREAT chance that I will forget.

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