Monday, March 21, 2016

It Felt Right

It's interesting that just a couple years ago, we had never even heard of the college where LPP now attends. 
I took she and her cousin on a road trip to visit another campus and wanted to make the most of our time away. 
I remember driving up the gorgeous, tree lined roads thinking that we were not in Kansas anymore. This place was out of our norm and comfort zone.
  As we went on a guided tour of campus, I think we all continued to feel that way, although it also seemed to fit somehow. 

As the three of us stood in this quaint courtyard, we were approached by a man who introduced himself and asked the girls about themselves.
It turned out to be the school's president who was also preparing to fly to Rome, along with 14 other Christians to discuss finding common ground between Protestants and Catholics (although we did not know this at the time). 
We were impressed...
...with the President...
...with the area and with the campus itself and all that it offers.
  As time went on, this school remained standing in LPP's mind.
  The other options continued to fall away.
This one felt right. 
 Each time her Dad and I visited the campus, we were more impressed.
 We could not imagine leaving her anywhere else.
And frankly we felt this was where God was leading her. 
Over the past year, she has continued to impress us with her hard work, her focus on her degree and credential, her friends and her Faith.
She began talking to us of Potter's Clay months ago and her desire to attend and partner with the people of Mexico in a mission type environment. 
Her desire to do this is yet another reason we are so proud. 
If you are interested, here is an overview of what 200 students from her college plus community members are doing this week.
Including our girl.

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Jensamom23 said...

Isn't it amazing how God leads and puts us exactly where he wants us!
Debbie Maddox Watson