Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Guess Who's Coming?

We received an exciting E-Mail recently from my Norwegian sister.
 She, her husband and two teenagers will be MOVING TO CALIFORNIA for a year, beginning this summer! 
WOO HOO!!!! 
Miss Molly's (Mari)  husband, Magnus, accepted a fellowship and Stanford and will be just a few hours away from us. 
The last time we saw them was when they lived in Pennsylvania for a year and flew out to visit us for Christmas. 
Their baby boy was a baby and their baby girl did not exist.
Neither did our SPF.
My children did NOT enjoy their cousin... all...

Neither did his American Grandma.
Looking at this photo, I have realized something else.
With the addition of two more girls and the fact that the three little boys pictured are all well over 6 feet tall....we are going to need a wider lens and a bigger couch!  
 I can hardly wait!

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