Friday, March 18, 2016

A Springy Singy Visit

Last weekend, I was able to spend the weekend in Santa Barbara with my two favorite girls. 
 LPP's college puts on a Spring Sing Production at the Santa Barbara Bowl each year.
It pits the men and women of each dorm against each other in a Broadway style show for bragging rights and golden colored prizes....oh and a giant pizza party. 
LPP worked on set design and was able to spend most of her time with us. 
As I continued to watch the weather forecast on Friday, I grew more and more nervous.
I did not want to be stranded midway in a storm, so I pulled SPF from school a few hours earlier than planned and we hit the road. 
The rain started as we pulled in to a restaurant for lunch and came in full force while we spent 45 minutes in the car...reading and waiting.
When it looked on the radar to be safe, we continued, although driving up the 101 with the bare, burned, water soaked mountainside looming, I wondered if I should drive in the right or left lane in case it came sliding down.
We made it with no incidents and arrived to gorgeous blue skies.
 And our daughter and sister. 
Fun stuff.
That evening and the next morning was spent visiting and catching up. 
We stayed at the Lemon Tree Inn, which was a good location for us, although I could have done without our drunk, arguing neighbors.
  It is on State Street, but not on the touristy end. 
We were able to walk to a couple small and delicious restaurants known by the locals. 
 It was delightful.
The girls spent Saturday night in the dorm room together while a dear friend (whose son is attending the same college) stayed with me in the hotel.
She and I discussed everything under the sun until nearly 3:00AM!
Spring Sing was a lot of fun.
The venue is wonderful.
It is an open air amphitheater nestled in the hills above Santa Barbara.
There is a theme each year that the group should incorporate into their performance. 
They also have only 7 minutes to be on and off the stage or penalty points kick in. 
 There were some very clever skits, some great singers, (and some not so great singers), and lots of laughs
The MC's were hilarious and very good as well. 
Can't wait to get the DVD and share it with Hubby.
Sunday morning brought us together with the kiddos again and a yummy brunch here.
The café is in a 1893 Victorian house and has this is on the wall as well as on their mugs.
We must all remember to masticate our food, dontcha know?

After a stop to provide our college students with much needed stuff from the grocery store, we headed home.
What a fun and memorable weekend.

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