Saturday, February 27, 2016

Top of My List

The term "Bucket List" has always bothered me a bit. 
I love the notion of have a "To Do List" of things in life....but the bucket part sounds so...dreary....and over. 
Which I suppose is the point. 
However, SPF asked me recently what was at the top on my "bucket list". 
Renting a cottage in the hills of Scotland for a month is one of the things I would adore doing. 
Cozying up to a fire with a book...
...going for strolls...
...taking a drive to Stonehaven to see from where I come.
 I might need to revamp my dream.
Running a bookstore while living in a small apartment above it for a couple weeks sounds more than dreamy.
Can you even imagine anything more wonderful?
Maybe two weeks in a bookstore and two weeks in a heather covered, hillside cottage.

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