Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I think as mothers, and probably fathers, we feel invisible from time to time.
My cousin shared this video on FB last week and it has stayed with me. 
 I keep playing it over and over in my mind.

I thought back to when I read Pillars of the Earth years ago. 
If you are not familiar, it is the story of a man building a Cathedral in the 12th century.  He was rarely, if ever noticed for doing good.
He fought tooth and nail to build what he felt called to do. 
In the end, as in the video, his name wasn't emblazoned on the church. 
Very few recognized him for what he was doing.
He was invisible.
But it matters not.  
What we are building, as parents, when no one sees.
The work we do as parents will stand the test of time.
In our children and great grandchildren. 
It can be difficult in the everyday, to look ahead and realize the truth in that.
I admire all of you as parents. 
 You are not invisible.
 You are important and recognized.

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