Tuesday, January 12, 2016

So Behind

I am so far behind on this blog! 
Last minute food and fun things to do with LPP , as well as practical tasks, before she headed back to college...
homework for SPF  who began school on the 4th....
planning for a cooking meeting here this week....
reclamation of the garage that was taken over by Christmas décor, recycling and basically anything that I didn't want to look at for the past month.
I just didn't take the time to sit down and use my brain.
 I do have photos, so I am warning you...sometime in the near future you will be subject to a barrage of randomness.
You've been notified.
Yesterday dawned sunny and bright.
So bright that it hurt my eyes.
Two hours later, the wind blew in and brought the fog.
It was unusual to appear here that late and in that manner.
By noon, the gorgeous mountains were in view again and stood as a reminder that God is good.
There is snow up there.
Happy Tuesday!

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