Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ice Skating X 2...Kinda


As the girls and I were talking about this Christmas vacation, it dawned on us that it was the first on in 7 years that there were no high school practices, tournaments or commitments to attend.
 It was truly a vacation.
There were days that we did not leave the house.
We were able to plan days in which we did not have to race home to get to baseball practice in time. There were mornings that we could sleep in without having to drive to basketball tournaments.
It was wonderful!
There was a pseudo ice skating rink in a nearby town that the parks department set up.
We convinced Hubby to come with us, although I think lunch at a favorite spot may have been the real reason.
The rink was set up in a small area next to the children's theater and was some sort of plastic concoction. 
 While the skating was more like walking than sliding, SPF had fun. 
Most things with her dad and sister are fun. 
Even more fun when first one friend showed up and then two more.

A ski trip had been planned for the day before LPP went back to college, but a storm made it not wise. 
We piled our family into the car and drove just over an hour away to a REAL ice skating rink. 
 Along with EVERYONE else who was sneaking in one last day of fun.

 It wasn't too bad in the beginning (which is when the picture taking took place),but after awhile the hot shot hockey kids were racing through the crowd, knocking a family member down resulting in a knot from the ice. 
Not an ideal ending.
Thankfully, some Advil and a good Italian dinner together made things better.
It truly was a vacation filled with wonderful memories...except the headache part.

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