Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Happy Birthday

If you know the handsome man that this cute guy grew up to be, please wish him a "Happy Birthday" today.
We celebrated with his birthday dinner last night and it was yummy. 
He and Chris grilled steaks and SPF and I made twice baked taters and his favorite warm spinach salad. 
 Lemon Meringue Pie has been his dessert of choice for many, many moons.
But, several years ago, I began failing at this task.
Literally failing.
It eventually was coined "Lemon Meringue Soup".
It's me.
It is the same recipe I have always used and when anyone else makes it, it is divine. 
So, he received the makings of his pie in a gift bag as has become the norm and I baked a
Lemon Cake instead.
In order for LPP to not miss out too much, I mailed her half of the cake on Monday, so she and her friends were able to share in the celebration as well. 
Happy Birthday, Hubby of Mine!


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